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terrestrial adj
1 of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air [syn: tellurian, telluric, terrene]
2 of or relating to or characteristic of the planet Earth or its inhabitants; "planetary rumblings and eructations"- L.C.Eiseley ; "the planetary tilt"; "this terrestrial ball" [syn: planetary]
3 operating or living or growing on land [syn: land(a)] [ant: amphibious, aquatic]
4 concerned with the world or worldly matters; "mundane affairs"; "he developed an immense terrestrial practicality" [syn: mundane]
5 of this earth; "transcendental motives for sublunary actions"; "fleeting sublunary pleasures"; "the nearest to an angelic being that treads this terrestrial ball" [syn: sublunar, sublunary]

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  1. An inhabitant of the Earth
  2. a ground-dwelling plant


  1. Of, relating to, or inhabiting the land of the Earth or its inhabitants
  2. Of, relating to, or composed of land.
  3. Living or growing on land; not aquatic
    a terrestrial plant
  4. Concerned with the world or worldly matters


  • (living or growing on land): aquatic


living or growing on land; not aquatic

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Terrestrial refers to things having to do with the land or the Earth.

Related terms

  • Terrestrial animal, an animal that lives on the land, as opposed to in water, air, or in the trees
  • Terrestrial plant, a plant that grows on land rather than in water or on rocks or trees
  • Terrestrial planet, a planet that is primarily composed of silicate rocks. These planets go from Mercury to Mars. They are very small compared to the Jovian planets. They all have an iron core and contain not much gas
  • Terrestrial ecoregion, land ecoregions, as distinct from freshwater ecoregions and marine ecoregions
  • Terrestrial radio, radio signals received through a conventional aerial, as opposed to Satellite radio
  • Terrestrial television, television signals received through a conventional aerial
  • Terrestrial Trunked Radio, a specialist walkie talkie standard used by police departments, fire departments, ambulance services and the military
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